Getting frustrated with the constant lockdowns

Our longest lockdown was about 15 weeks. I get frustrated with the constant lockdowns as it affects me getting out to do murals and set up meetings including site visits. I saw friends struggle to cope with the isolation and uncertainties that came with border closures and business limitations. I would like to say to my government: Stop the lockdowns! We need to keep functioning living with the virus until all of us feel safe to be immunised. Read more

When you are under lockdown for already 6 months, but your 9 month old niece gives you hope

Our greatest casualties here and worldwide continue to be the most socially disadvantaged – not just the elderly and the sick who die from the virus, but the migrant workers, the cleaners, housekeepers, abattoir workers, the frontline nurses and people from low socioeconomic, non-English speaking backgrounds who are picking up this virus more and dying more disproportionately than any other. A post Covid world is one that must see safety and prosperity shared, not divided by wealth polarisation. Read more

Being limited to social contacts across the fence with your neigbors

We are actually doing really good, much better this time around as we now know how the lockdown works. Remote learning is going well this time which was a really big challenge during the first lockdown. Just before the 2nd lockdown we got some pets who make a huge difference as they offer a happy distraction and give the girls big responsibilities. What is really worrying is the travel ban because it will make it nearly impossible for us to travel in case our families overseas need us. Read more

Working as a journalist and keeping yourself motivated in the middle of a second wave

We are in the middle of a second wave that has been much worse than the first one. Several times we thought we had reached the peak with new daily COVID-19 cases being over 600 and 700 for an area of around 6.5 million people. Amongst other restrictions we are now only allowed 1 hour of exercise outside our home and shopping within a radius of 5 km as well as having a curfew in place that requires us to stay at home from 8 pm to 5 am at night. Read more