When you don´t know if you are going to survive this crisis

People of rural areas are not following any types of cautions. In border areas, the Indian variant/the second wave is spreading rapidly. Every single day hundreds of people are dying in these areas. Between July 1 and July 15, Bangladesh reported 2,775 Covid deaths, and 153,926 cases were record-breaking in terms of deaths within 15 days. The government has declared lockdown after lockdown since June 2020. People are being told not to go outdoors without any emergency purpose. No one was allowed to go out without a mask and had to maintain social distancing. Only hospitals are open during a lockdown. Police and volunteers are helping people in buying their goods during this time. In a picture from rural areas, I’ve seen patients lying in the corridor of a hospital. Hospital employees have thrown a patient into the trash after getting tested positive. Read more