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When your son reminds you what´s important and makes you smile

We have recently been given a roadmap to slowly move out of the 3rd lockdown. By the end of June we have been told that there will be no restrictions. The biggest challenges for me during this time have been coming to terms with my industry and so therefore, my main source of income, coming to a grinding halt. I have become a full time mother which has been very rewarding in many ways but also frustrating in many others. But during the lockdown, my son has reminded me what is important and has made me smile. Read more

When your prime minister believes in herd immunity

You will have read in the news about the herd immunity theory the UK prime minister was inclined to bet on at the time. Even as we entered phase two (containment) nurses in hospitals were denied protective gear so not to alarm the patients, showing little understanding of what was going on down in Europe. Real containment was delayed as it was the government’s belief that letting more people get infected over a longer period of time would “flatten the curve” of infections so not to weigh too much on the national healthcare service all at once. Read more