Thinking about your life and waving at your grandma from the car

Australia, Newcastle, Chelsea, Australian, 29, Team Leader at an Australian University, Not married/ No kids


How is the situation in your city/ country? Is there a 2nd wave yet?
As at 7th August 2020, our stats are 19,862 cases, 266 deaths and 11,112 cases recovered. Australia has just hit the second, with our state of Victoria being the worst hit so far. Our first wave was quite small. It may be larger now due to the fact that it is winter.

How did the atmosphere in your country change within the last months?
Covid has been difficult for most australians. There has been concern over mental health due to mass job losses and also other difficulties such as increased domestic violence. As usual, Australians are attempting to stay positive and attempt to make light of the situation in creative ways.

How are you and your family?
I am lucky enough to have a job that will continue through covid. This is also the case for my immediate family. The difficulty lies in elderly relatives and keeping them safe and supported.

What was the biggest challenge for you within the last months?
The biggest challenge would be loneliness, especially being currently single. It is difficult to meet new people.

The biggest challenge is loneliness, especially being currently single.


When did you realize how serious the situation is?
As soon as the numbers began to rise rapidly. This came with the shutdown of many industries, possibly quicker than other countries.

Local distilleries and alcohol producers altered their manufacturing to include the production of hand sanitiser. The limoncello wasn’t bad either. 😉

How did your government react to the crisis? Which measures/restrictions were taken first?
Restrictions on large gatherings, closing of pubs/clubs, gyms. There was also the introduction of social distancing and various stages of lockdown. There are consistent updates mostly daily by state government and also regular from Federal government.

Are you satisfied with the measures of your government? What was good/bad?
Yes, all measures have made sense. I believe that we could have moved quicker shutting down the second wave.

What would you like to say to your government?
Thank you!

Which sentence of a virologist/politician did you memorize the most?
The prime minister telling australian citizens to „STOP IT“ in relation to individuals hoarding toilet paper.

All measures have made sense.

The Virus

Do you know anybody who was infected with COVID-19 or even died?

Have you already done a Coronavirus test or have you been in quarantine?

Are you afraid of getting infected with the Coronavirus?
Yes, as I have asthma and a heart condition.

I´m afraid of getting infected as I have asthma and a heart condition.

The lockdown

How long is/was your lockdown and what was allowed/what wasn´t?
Approximately 6-8 weeks in first wave. It involved going out only for essentials things like work, exercise, groceries etc. We also were not able to drive to other areas outside our home town. No further than 100km (small distance by Australian standards). Not meeting with anyone that was not living in our household. Not allowed to sit down outside.

Did you spend the lockdown time with somebody and what did you do during this time?
Yes, with my younger sister. We drank more wine!! Took a lot of time to consider our lives, what makes us happy and what we would like to do next. A lot of time to stop and think without our usual activites.

What did you miss the most during the lockdown? What helped you?
Missed contact with other people including meeting new people. I helped this by having video calls with close friends and also visiting my grandma by waving at her from the car.

I visited my grandma by waving at her from the car.


How did your work situation change within the last months (shorter hours, working from home, etc.)
I did work from home for 7 days total. I was able to safely enter the office as it was large and spread out.

As we were leaving our offices and working from home, many of us “adopted a plant” to keep them alive while we weren’t there to water them.

How did your social life (relationship/friendships/dating) change due to the Corona crisis?
Not being able to meet with people face to face. It was also difficult to meet new people in a legal way. The only way was to go for a walk outside.

What impact has the Corona crisis on your financial situation?
My financial situation is possibly better as I am paid the same, however going out to socialise less.

Social distancing: How does your daily life look like at the moment?
Similar to usual. Go to work and gym, however I believe gyms may close again soon. We are now encouraged to wear masks.

My financial situation is possibly better.


Who are to your opinion the heroes of this crisis?
The people in our communities and our government. This was difficult after our recent bad bushfires in Australia.

What did the crisis show you?
How quickly life can change, but also to appreciate the small things in life and what matters most. Also that it is ok to slow down sometimes.

What will you appreciate more after the crisis?
Interaction with people and being healthy.

Which images will you never forget?
Empty sheles, Bondi beach being empty, masked faces.

Which stories/incidents/experiences touched/shattered you the most?
Mostly when family have elderly relatives pass away and a proper funeral cannot be held.

I´ll never forget Bondi beach being empty.


What are you afraid of right now?
A worsening situation here in Australia.

What gives you hope?
The work of medical professionals and scientists across the world working together.

Are you planning to travel within the next months?
No, there is a travel ban in Australia, and also state borders are closed.

If they find a vaccine, would you take it?

What can we all learn from this crisis?
To appreciate a healthy state of being, but also that it is important to slow down every so often.

If you could give 2020 a headline, what would it be?
Life like you’ve never known it before.

It is important to slow down every so often.