When 2020 was one of your best years

As a photojournalist I documented my new way of life. As a mom, I facilitated homeschool. I actually liked having my daughters home with me, so I would say my mental state was happier with my home life even though Covid is and was a tragedy. My work situation got better actually during the crisis. While I lost many of my event photography gigs, I gained a freelance contract with Reuters so my photography career actually leveled up. I shot one of Reuters most important photographs of 2020 and the crisis. 2020 was one of my best years, which is so odd considering what it cost so many other people. Read more

Believing that nurses deserve special recognition

I saw photos in the news of nurses in Korea wearing full hazmat suits/face shields in 90 degree weather. Some of them even passed out. My heart really went out to them and it made me want to try even harder to do my part to end this. I thought about how frustrating it must be for them if people don’t take the pandemic seriously when they had to work so hard under tough conditions to care for the people affected. I listened to podcasts where nurses told stories about their experiences working during this time and it was awful. They spoke a lot about how people were unable to visit their familiy in the hospital even when they took their last breath. Read more

When your country was Covid free for two years, but got hit by a Category 5 Cyclone

When the world pandemic started in March 2020, Vanuatu closed its borders. But we were Covid free. Two weeks after the pandemic started, Santo and other northern islands of Vanuatu have been hit by a Category 5 Cyclone, destroying and damaging many households and villages. The Covid pandemic was far from our minds as we were facing the huge losses. International help was difficult to get because of the Covid pandemic and it’s been a really hard time to face for the people of theses islands. Being hit by a Category 5 Cyclone was the most scary thing I faced in my life and made me feel very little and powerless. Read more

Working as a photojournalist during the pandemic and meeting many new people

The area where I live was the first in Europe to be closed militarily for 18 days. Then all of Italy went into lockdown. I spent the lockdown with my wife, my daughter (now 5 years old), my grandparents and, for a while, my father. Five generations in the same house. During that time I worked as a photojournalist for Reuters. For many months I could not see my parents, but knowing that they were okay was enough. Nothing has changed in my social life during the Corona crisis. Paradoxically, with the work of a photojournalist, I met many new people. Read more

Working only with people who are vaxxed and are getting tested

At the moment, it seems like cases are trending up once again, but it’s hard to know because the testing and reporting schema have changed. I’m being very cautious because I do not want to mess around with possibly having “Long Covid.” I’ve been tested at least once a week since testing became widely available, and some weeks I was tested 7-10x a week. The entertainment industry has really been on top of everything. I’m working a lot, but always with people who are getting tested all the time and who are required to be vaxxed. The crisis showed me that Americans are, by and large, selfish. Read more

When the speed at which science dealt with the crisis gives you hope

When our foolish ex president said that it wasn’t serious is when I knew it was. I am satisfied that the government AFTER trump did all that it could. Things may have been much better for all had not the previous administration denied the seriousness of the threat. But the speed at which science dealt with the crisis tells me that we can handle anything if people will listen and learn. The crisis also showed me the true nature of some people and how much they care about others or themselves. Read more

When the thousand of used masks and latex gloves on the floor make you furious

Puerto Rico has been manageable because our population has always been relatively serious about keeping the pandemic at bay, but the US is a hot mess. We are festive people and it has been very hard for a lot of us not being able to celebrate certain things. When we saw people putting up a fight against wearing masks and citing their “rights” we knew we were dealing with idiots who don’t know what the real battles are. We had a lot of tourists from the states pretending they could get into supermarkets and other places without masks. Now, the thousands of used masks and latex gloves all over the floor make me furious. We might survive the pandemic, but not the pollution. Read more

Missing the work as a tour guide in Egypt

I am a tour guide, so no work at at all due to Covid till the vaccination. The lockdown was about three and a half months and I missed my work a lot. In the meantime I focused on my study and finished my PhD. Overall, I stayed at home more than 9 months. When we started back at work, we kept the social distance and were wearing masks. Read more

Wondering where the WHO money disappeared to

I study to become a pilot in Namibia. During the lockdowns I kept working at a sanctuary because animals need care every day. Namibia waited too long in lockdown and funds were used by the wrong people and the wrong ways. Too many people could not get to good hospitals because of districts being closed, too many people lost jobs and their businesses. Though, this is easier said than done, I am fully aware of that. But I am angry how all the funds that were donated kind of disappeared. Read more

Realizing that our rights can be forfeited quickly in “emergency” situations

The situation in Dominica is generally good. Tourism has opened back up, events back up, things are mostly back to normal. The crisis showed me that misinformation is rampant, while digital literacy and critical thinking are crucial. But also our rights can be forfeited quickly in “emergency” situations. We can all learn from the crisis that everything is a divisive issue these days, that things are usually more complicated than black and white and that everything can be used for political purposes. Read more