When you had to work from home for free to keep your job

The situation in Russia is very complicated, I have already forgotten which wave it is – the 3rd or even the 4th. Lockdown was three to four months and going out was forbidden at all. If you had to go somewhere urgently, you should have filled in an online declaration, i.e. a permission, explaining why you have decided to leave your house and where are you going. And of course the permission to leave the house was limited by time, and you could get that permission only two times a week. During the lockdown we had to work from home, for free, so we won’t lose our working position and to keep our clients. Read more

Being one of the last foreign reporters left in Russia

During April and May, there was a lockdown. The megacity Moscow was dead – but ever since it has changed a lot and now it is pretty much as always. Now they are trying to minimize economical loss to the people. I think it is much better to understand that every individual can choose his or her own risk instead of locking people down like in Europe now for example. I have more clients trying to work with me as I´m one of the last reporters left in Russia. I would instantly swap half of my income though for more travel freedom. Read more