Creative headlines for the year 2020
from people around the world

Together With Distance ___ Capitalism is the Disease ___ Learning ___ Go home 2020; you’re drunk ___ CRAZY ___ Unforgetable time – the year of memory ___ 2020 is just a trailer, rest is on the way ___ Life like you’ve never known it before ___ 2020: forget it, move on, and never speak of it again ___ The year of ‘out of the ordinary’ ___ The year to focus on what really matters ___ Reset or restart ___ Once and only once ___ 2020 changes your perspective of everything ___ The year of a complete standstill ___ The global nightmare ___ Fasten your seat belts ___ 2020 didn´t really happen, right? ___ You think this month was bad? Wait for the next one ___ Stay Safe ___ 2020, the year in which we improvised how to live ___ Wake-up call for all of us ___ The big shutdown ___ The year the world defeated the Covid Crisis ___ A year to skip ___ Nothing is exactly as it seems, look at the bigger picture ___ Time for a change ___ Bet you didn´t see this coming ___ Life is fragile – nothing is given ___ Uncertainty and distance ___ The worst year for Belarus in the last 30 years ___ 2020 – the year our fast spinning world pulled the emergency brakes. ___ The start of something knew or just an awful year? ___ Time to stop and think ___ The year that stunned us ___ Curveball ___ 2020: would not recommend ___ Things will get way, way worse ___ You can’t make this year up ___ Disaster year ___ Crisis ___ Enjoyed lockdown with my family ___ Holy Sh-T, WTF ___ 2020: A Wild Ride ___ Horrible year, but showed us which things in life really matter ___ We are our only hope ___ The year everything changed ___ The biggest lesson of the 20th century ___ We were happy and we didn’t know it ___ A year no one will remember, nor exist in mankind ___ The third industrial revolution ___ Myself, stronger, brighter, ready ___ Behind closed boarders ___ Taiwan, the most beautiful and safe country in the world ___ 2020 the year when dreams did not come true ___ Not what I expected, but I learned a lot ___ Year of love ___ A year of fear ___ Global standstill ___ For whom it may concern ___ A year we will never forget ___ Hindsight is not 20/20 ___ Even though we were physically apart, this could be the year that we feel the most connected to humanity in all of our lives ___ The year you will never forget ___ Glad it passed ___ Science matters ___ The fucking year of distance ___ 2020 – The golden year of toilet paper ___ Fuck.Off. ___ Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse ___ Hang in there it´s gonna be a rough ride ___ A year to remember ___ There’s a rainbow after the storm ___ The Strength of the Human Spirit in Times of Crisis ___ All we need is love [and respect for each other’s lives].. and science ___ The year that wasn´t ___ Welcome to 2020! It sucked, but I loved it ___ Who EVER thought this was coming for us? ___ The year that the earth lost its soul ___ Learn to pivot ___ Wait til you see 2021 ___ Unexpected disaster. But hey, let’s make the best of it ___ A perfect disaster ___ Should have been the best year ever, and ended up being the worst ___ 2020 – burn in hell ___ The year the world was taught how to wash their hands ___ The End of the World 2020: Pandemic and Crisis ___ 2020: the year the world stopped ___ The stress test ___ 2020 – The battle for toilet paper rolls ___ Angels in white fighting against death ___ When January is the best a year has to offer ___ WTF ___ 2020: The Greatest Shit Show on Earth ___ The year the world froze ___ Thank God it’s over ___ 2020 What a Year ___ Let´s treat a crisis like a crisis ___ If you could give 2020 a headline, what would it be?
Life: It’s About to Get a Lot Worse (Hope You Socialized in 2019) ___ It wasn’t the worst year of our lives. It was a year where we were challenged, only to grow and be better ___ The Great Pause ___ Waiting 365 ___ Year of lessons or appreciate your health ___ It’s a dumpster fire, but at least Douchey McFuckstick isn’t president anymore ___ Clear skies, stupidity and success ___ Make it Stop ___ The year for a mindset change ___ The big parenthesis ___ 2020 – the year of unity and dissonance ___ Please don´t come back ___ A nightmare ___