South Africa

Realizing that people are not the same anymore

We are ok. Not very well, but we are getting there. We were certainly not as affected as other families. We could still go to work or work from home. Unlike others who couldn’t. We will forever be grateful for that. We are still in lockdown. There are restrictions that have been lifted and things are getting back to ‘normal’ slowly. But things have changed. People are not the same anymore. People are a bit tense and still in fear. No-one is really comfortable anymore. Read more

Doing essential service work in South Africa during the lockdown

As I am South African citizen but work in Mozambique, I regularly have to cross borders, and with that comes a lot of Covid tests for each crossing as well as organizing my trip around logistics that have to take regulations in consideration. This takes it’s toll on you and you question yourself wether it is worth all the effort. During the lockdown, I was lucky enough to do essential service work in South Africa and this allowed me to travel a bit and still see my family and friends. Read more

The crisis as the hardest hurdle in the adult life

The situation is somewhat confusing. It feels as if we are back to normal but work is slow and we are now in our third wave. Without being able to travel and being able to take on the work I normally would, I have found it incredible hard to sustain the same momentum I had before Covid. As a photographer and the type of work I produce, travelling was and is an intergal part of the way in which I generate my income. So in the meantime I have had to put my long term goals on hold and rather work from month to month. It has been challenging and probably the hardest hurdle I have had to face in my adult life. Read more

Working on the streets of Cape Town with a smile

South Africa is on Level 2 of the 2nd wave lockdown with talks of going into another lockdown if the Covid case numbers do not decrease. The people of South Africa are tired and frustrated. They just want things to go back to normal. The death cases are terrifying, but not as much as other major issues like HIV, poverty, drought, lack of food. I got laid off from my job in March 2020 during the first lockdown and since then I have struggeled to find proper work again. I don’t have a fixed income anymore. I am working on the street with a few odd jobs. I am trying to save for a house. But we can learn from the crisis to be patient – there’s a rainbow after the storm. Read more