Removing distractions and finding the inner balance during the stillness

I accepted that stillness is also very important. Incredible things can happen when we stop. It has been challenging but liberating to go from action energy to a more receptive, subtle, and calm one. Stillness helped me to put my attention to my flux of thoughts, and I’ve been able to detect patterns that come from society or my brought-up which weren’t working anymore for me. Read more

Considering everyone a hero who wears a mask and respects social distancing

People are getting used to this “new normality”, but you can feel in the area that they had enough already. Everybody respects the rules of curfew, social distancing, hygenic masks and reduced groups gathering, but they look tired, sad and discouraged. Every person fighting Covid whether its a doctor, a nurse, a scientific, a cleaning lady, someone sick with Coronavirus or every person that stays home, wears the mask and respects social distancing is a hero. This is everyone´s battle and we should be doing an effort as far as we can. Read more

When you visit your family and then got stuck in Spain for 3 months

In Gran Canaria it went from complete panic into a “nothing ever happened here“ attitude. It seems to me the government purposely let the situation escalate and get really bad so they could declare the state of alert and with it gain the power to change certain things in our constitution to gain more control. They tried to use the chaos to hide what they were doing behind the scenes. Read more

When you developed antibodies after the infection

Spain has been one of the most beaten countries in the world for the covid pandemia. We have currently 364.000 cases, 150.000 cured and, unfortunately, 28.670 dead people. I take the necessary measures and avoid the proper contact with people. Spanish people are quite warm and affectionate and we tend to touch, kiss and hugh people. For this reason it´s a bit strange and opposite to our character to avoid contact. Read more