One world together with distance – People from different countries provide an insight into their life during the Coronavirus Crisis

2020 is definitely a year we will never forget. The whole world – every nation, every single person – is affected by the Coronavirus Crisis. All of our lives have changed – some more and more radical than others, but we are all in this together. When talking to friends who live in other countries, I realized how different our experiences and stories are, although we all face the same threat and have the same hopes. We want our loved ones to be safe and healthy and that our lives will be back to normal as soon as possible.

While we all watch or read the news about the situation in other countries and the fight against the virus, what´s really interesting – to my opinion – are the personal stories. That´s why I came up with the idea to collect as many personal perspectives on the Coronavirus Crisis as possible by asking people from around the world 30 questions. With the help of my brother I created this blog to accumulate these stories and to show that the crisis connects us all.

We will always remember the year 2020. As the year when…
…our lives changed completely within weeks.
…borders closed and the whole world stopped travelling.
…the whole world stayed at home.
…people were getting sick or died from a disease that most people underestimated at first.
…we were afraid of our family members getting infected.
…virologists were holding more press conferences than politicians.
…our fundamental rights were limited to save lives.
…there was a big discussion whether the health of people or the economy is more important.
…the pandemic was THE only media topic for months.
…people were hoarding toilet paper like crazy.
…EVERYTHING closed for weeks.
…there were even fines for sitting on a bench in the park.
…we couldn´t meet with anybody for weeks – except the people we live with.
…parents spent more time with their kids than ever before.
…we talked about reproduction and doubling rates like we were experts ourselves.
…we washed our hands as much as we never did before.
…the population was divided in people who are systematically relevant or not.
…people stopped hugging each other.
…even small crowds made you feel uncomfortable.
…social distance became normal so quickly.
…masks became a matter of course.
…we all did our best to flatten the curve.
…we all felt helpless, insecure and vulnerable more often than we could admit it to ourselves.
…we experienced a situation nobody knew how to solve.
…we all were challenged in different ways nobody would have thought we would ever experience.
…we felt like being part of a disaster movie.
…an invisible virus controlled our lives from one day to another.
…we kept a distance to each other, but at the same time felt closer together.

In the year 2020 the whole world is together with distance. Together we will get through this.

Stay safe and healthy,