Supporting the waste workers during the Covid peak

In Ghana there is a group of citizens who wish to abide by the Covid-19 safety protocols, but do not have the means to. The informal waste workers are the frontline workers with less attention and more stigmatization. In view of this, Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) during the Covid peak supported them with Covid relief items such as provisions, protective gloves, nose masks, sanitizers, among other items. GAYO is concerned about informal waste workers because these people come into direct contact with waste and unfortunately do not receive any special attention with regards to the work they do and the outbreak of the pandemic. Read more

Worried that protocols are not being observed in the second wave

The 2nd wave of COVID has hit us, the economy has become quite slow. But due to lack of awareness and education or information, the protocols are not being observed or aren’t strict as in the first wave. As a lot of people are not observing the protocols, it´s kind of scary when boarding public transport or socializing in particular. Read more