When you had to work from home for free to keep your job


How is the situation in your city/ country? Is there a 2nd wave yet?
The situation in Russia is very complicated, I have already forgotten which wave it is – the 3rd or even the 4th…It seems, people and the government don’t care, many people don’t wear masks, don’t keep the social distance, everything works as usual, only travel restrictions.

How did the atmosphere in your country change within the last months?
I would say, the life is returning to normal.

How are you and your family?
We are fine now, but when the pandemic started we had some difficulties at work.

What was the biggest challenge for you within the last months?
I would say travelling. In Russia it’s very cold. Me and my husband want to spend winter in a warmer country, but because of the Covid, it’s very difficult.

The situation in Russia is very complicated, I have already forgotten which wave it is.


When did you realize how serious the situation is?
I would say it was 2020, spring. When there was a total lockdown and panic. Everything was closed, people were so scared. And the worst …the news. I hated watching news that times. News intensively scared us everyday. We couldn’t hear anything good. That time I have restricted my time in social media.

How did your government react to the crisis? Which measures/restrictions were taken first?
Total lockdown. Everything was closed, transportation stopped, restaurants and bars were closed, we had to keep social distance.

Are you satisfied with the measures of your government? What was good/bad?
Not really, I think everything was useless. In 2020, the government forced us to stay at home, and the economics was falling apart. Now, in 2021, almost no restrictions, and the cases of Covid are even higher than during the times of the Pandemic in 2020. So what was the point then, if we get infected with mutated ones now. Lockdown was not the solution.

What would you like to say to your government?
Please, stop this nonesense, open the borders and concider Covid as a usual flu, like Singapore did it. It’s 2021, we are tired.

Which sentence of a virologist/politician did you memorize the most?
“Dear citizens, I have to declare that we have decided to make holidays longer, with preservations of the salary”…. Of course we never got salary, and of course the government knew it, and that’s why they used the statement “make holidays longer” and not “lockdown” so they don’t have to conpensate to those who have lost their job. We had 3 months of “holidays”, without any money, thanks to the government.

They used the term “make holidays longer” instead of “lockdown”.

The Virus

Do you know anybody who was infected with COVID-19 or even died?
Infected yes, died no.

Have you already done a Coronavirus test or have you been in quarantine?
I have done Corona tests several times, but it was always negative.

Are you afraid of getting infected with the Coronavirus?
Not really.

My Corona tests were always negative.

The lockdown

How long is/was your lockdown and what was allowed/what wasn´t?
Lockdown was 3-4 months and going out was forbidden at all. If you had to go somewhere urgently, you should have filled in an online declaration, i.e. a permission, explaining why you have decided to leave your house and where are you going. And of course the permission to leave the house was limited by time, and you could get that permission only 2 times a week. That was scary, seemed like it was a bad dream, or even more, you are living in a bad apocalyptic movie.

Did you spend the lockdown time with somebody and what did you do during this time?
I was with my brother and father in Moscow. And my Mom got stuck in Armenia, she couldn’t return for months.

What did you miss the most during the lockdown? What helped you?
Just simple things, going out, meeting friends, cinema, my husband (that time he was my boyfriend).

For three to four months going out was forbidden at all – you only got the permission to leave the house two times a week.


How did your work situation change within the last months (shorter hours, working from home, etc.)
I used to work in a private kindergarden as an English teacher. During the lockdown we had to work from home, for free, so we won’t lose our working position and to keep our clients.

How did your social life (relationship/friendships/dating) change due to the Corona crisis?
I noticed that I became less sociable, it was so strange to go out after lockdown, when the lockdown started it was winter, and when it finished, we came out of the house and it was summer. I didn’t notice how it happened, I missed spring.

What impact has the Corona crisis on your financial situation?
Just it was a total knockdown, as I have written above, I was working for free to keep my clients. My brother was working as a taxi driver, and my Dad was getting a normal salary, we could hardly pay for the flat (we were renting).

Social distancing: How does your daily life look like at the moment?
No social distancing at all… I would like to keep, but it’s so difficult when others don’t.

When the lockdown started, it was winter and when it finished, it was summer – I missed spring.


Who are to your opinion the heroes of this crisis?
Of course medical workers.

What did the crisis show you?
The system is so fragile, and we can never be ready.

What will you appreciate more after the crisis?
Freedome to travel, to go out.

Which images will you never forget?
How the freezers were full in New York City, and the bodies of dead people remained on the streets. That was horrible.

Which stories/incidents/experiences touched/shattered you the most?
The story I have mentioned above….

I´ll never forget how bodies of dead people remained on the streets.


What are you afraid of right now?
I am scared of lockdown 🙁 because the virus will mutate and it will be even more difficult to fight.

What gives you hope?

Are you planning to travel within the next months?
I try to plan, but I am not sure I can go somewhere.

Would you get yourself vaccinated against COVID-19?
I’ve already got, with Russian Sputnik Light.

What can we all learn from this crisis?
That medical staff is more important than insta models, football players, actors, etc. Science is our future.

If you could give 2020 a headline, what would it be?
Angels in white fighting against death.

We can all learn from this crisius that medical staff is more important than insta models.