When you don´t know if you are going to survive this crisis


How is the situation in your city/ country? Is there a 2nd wave yet?
I live in the capital of Bangladesh. In Dhaka, almost 15 hundred (average) new Covid-19 cases are adding every day since April 2021. The average rate of deaths is 50.

How did the atmosphere in your country change within the last months?
People of rural areas are not following any types of cautions. In border areas, the Indian variant/the second wave is spreading rapidly. Every single day hundreds of people are dying in these areas. Between July 1 and July 15, Bangladesh reported 2,775 Covid deaths, and 153,926 cases were record-breaking in terms of deaths within 15 days.

How are you and your family?
This July, me and my Mom tested positive for Covid-19 and suffered a lot because of it. Now we are fine and maintaining every possible thing to ensure not getting infected again.

What was the biggest challenge for you within the last months?
Last month the Indian variant of Covid hit the whole country and as we all know it is too dangerous. The biggest challenge was surviving this wave and making sure my family members are safe.

The biggest challenge was surviving this wave and making sure my family members are safe.


When did you realize how serious the situation is?
Since the beginning of Covid-19, I’ve lost so many relatives and known faces. To me, it was too easy to realize how serious this situation is.

How did your government react to the crisis? Which measures/restrictions were taken first?
The government has taken so many steps to fight against this situation. The government has declared lockdown after lockdown since June 2020. People are being told not to go outdoors without any emergency purpose. No one was allowed to go out without a mask and had to maintain social distancing. Only hospitals are open during a lockdown. On the other hand, police and volunteers are helping people in buying their goods during this time. The government is trying in every possible way to control this situation.

Are you satisfied with the measures of your government? What was good/bad?
I´m satisfied with every step the government has taken.

What would you like to say to your government?
The government should declare a fine against people who are not following restrictions. We all have to fight together by keeping ourselves safe.

Which sentence of a virologist/politician did you memorize the most?
‘A single mistake’ – PM Modi, India

Only hospitals are open during lockdown. Police and volunteers are helping people in buying their goods during this time.

The Virus

Do you know anybody who was infected with COVID-19 or even died?
One of my great-uncles died of Covid-19. He was 105 years old and couldn’t take powerful medicines to fight against it.

Have you already done a Coronavirus test or have you been in quarantine?
I tested for Covid-19 twice this year and tested positive once. I’ve been in home quarantine for 16 days.

Are you afraid of getting infected with the Coronavirus?
I’ve already witnessed the severe pain after getting infected by the Coronavirus. I’m not afraid of getting infected by it anymore but still, I try to stay safe.

I’ve already witnessed the severe pain after getting infected by the Coronavirus.

The lockdown

How long is/was your lockdown and what was allowed/what wasn´t?
Our government is declaring lockdowns every two to three months. None can go out of their residence without emergency purposes.

Did you spend the lockdown time with somebody and what did you do during this time?
I’ve spent the whole lockdown with my family. We had shared a lot of untold things. I guess my bonding with my family was increased by a hundred.

What did you miss the most during the lockdown? What helped you?
Despite being a traveler, I couldn’t travel that much due to lockdown. Undoubtedly I missed traveling a lot.

My family and I shared a lot of untold things during the lockdown – our bonding increased by a hundred.


How did your work situation change within the last months (shorter hours, working from home, etc.)
I’m a student, didn’t have any full hour job. But due to Covid-19, I lost my part-time job as well.

How did your social life (relationship/friendships/dating) change due to the Corona crisis?
I’m single so, Coronavirus had no bad impact in this case but, I miss gossiping with my friends in person.

What impact has the Corona crisis on your financial situation?
As I’ve mentioned before, I had a part-time job now I’ve lost it. So I have to take my pocket money from Dad. Honestly, it makes me feel so useless.

Social distancing: How does your daily life look like at the moment?
It’s normal now. I’m used to this practice now. Social distancing was never a bad thing to a person like me.

As I lost my part-time job during the crisis, I have to take pocket money from my Dad. Honestly it makes me feel so useless.


Who are to your opinion the heroes of this crisis?
Every doctor, nurse, volunteer, police, and whoever dared to help Covid-19 patients is a hero to me. They’re not less than freedom fighters.

What did the crisis show you?
This crisis showed me how poor people are dying of starvation. What is called a food crisis?
During the lockdown, I felt like living in a cage. I wonder how those animals in the zoo live in the same place for years.

What will you appreciate more after the crisis?
I don’t even know if I am going to survive this crisis or not. I’m so hopeless now.

Which images will you never forget?
I’ve seen few pictures from many rural areas of the country. In a picture, I’ve seen patients lying in the corridor of a hospital due to crossing the limit of the hospital’s capacity.

Which stories/incidents/experiences touched/shattered you the most?
Hospital employees have thrown a patient into the trash after getting tested positive.

I don´t know if I´m going to survive this crisis or not. I´m so hopeless now.


What are you afraid of right now?
I’m afraid of seeing my parents getting infected by Coronavirus. My dad is 55 and my mom is 46. According to virologists, this virus is highly risky for citizens who’re over 40.

What gives you hope?
In a sentence “I’m hopeless”.

Are you planning to travel within the next months?
I’m going to travel to the South-West side of my country next month. The place is known as Maray Thong.

Would you get yourself vaccinated against COVID-19?
I’m done with my first dose early this month and will be done with my second dose this 7th of Sepember.

What can we all learn from this crisis?
Be nice to each other. You never know when you need to ask for help from your enemies.

If you could give 2020 a headline, what would it be?
A perfect disaster.

I´m afraid of seeing my parents getting infected by Coronavirus.