When there is no clear roadmap on vaccination in sight


How is the situation in your city/ country? Is there a 2nd wave yet?
It’s a 4th wave here with Delta variant. The situation is critical and the vaccination is running very slowly with questionable vaccines less known and less researched. The death rate is high daily and there are 20,000 new cases each day. A lot of people who are infected are told to remain at home or wait for officers to pick up and a lot couldn’t wait any longer.

How did the atmosphere in your country change within the last months?
The streets are empty. People are desperate and out of jobs. Restaurants, bars, businesses are closed either temporaly for over 5 months now or permanently. Homeless men died on the street without accessing to a hospital in time. The country fell under the cover of fear and hopelessness.

How are you and your family?
Relatively well considering what’s going on yet mental health starts to take a toll on each and everyone of us.

What was the biggest challenge for you within the last months?
To stay positive and and driven with hope.

The country fell under the cover of fear and hopelessness.


When did you realize how serious the situation is?
When the new daily cases hit 20,000 executively for almost 3 months with no sign of going down.

How did your government react to the crisis? Which measures/restrictions were taken first?
We have a so-called “lockdown” which isn’t taken seriously. Law enforcements are applied with a lot of exceptions. People are ordered to stay home for indifinite period of time. No clear roadmap on vaccination in sight.

Are you satisfied with the measures of your government? What was good/bad?

What would you like to say to your government?

Which sentence of a virologist/politician did you memorize the most?
“People need to do better and be more responsible.”

No clear roadmap on vaccination in sight.

The Virus

Do you know anybody who was infected with COVID-19 or even died?

Have you already done a Coronavirus test or have you been in quarantine?
Yes, for Covid test.

Are you afraid of getting infected with the Coronavirus?

I´m afraid of getting infected with the Coronavirus.

The lockdown

How long is/was your lockdown and what was allowed/what wasn´t?
6 months in 2020 and entering 5th months in 2021.

Did you spend the lockdown time with somebody and what did you do during this time?
With family.

What did you miss the most during the lockdown? What helped you?
Seeing people, travelling overseas, life. Working out helps slightly.

I missed seeing people, travelling overseas – I missed life during the lockdown.


How did your work situation change within the last months (shorter hours, working from home, etc.)
Longer hours when working from home. Shorter break. Lack of variety of work.

How did your social life (relationship/friendships/dating) change due to the Corona crisis?
It brings friends closer as we have more time to talk and reconnect.

What impact has the Corona crisis on your financial situation?
It benefits it in a way as we spend less when working from home.

Social distancing: How does your daily life look like at the moment?
Work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

May daily life right now: Work, eat, sleep. Repeat.


Who are to your opinion the heroes of this crisis?
The medical staffs and front liners who help people.

What did the crisis show you?
Hope is nothing but essential to life.

What will you appreciate more after the crisis?
Chef’s skills in cooking….that you cannot master from home.

Which images will you never forget?
People sleeping desperately on the streets of Bangkok for days and nights, waiting for free Covid tests.

Which stories/incidents/experiences touched/shattered you the most?
A loss of someone I know.

People were sleeping desperately on the streets of Bangkok for days and nights, waiting for free Covid tests.


What are you afraid of right now?
What would become after the pandemic.

What gives you hope?
The first flight out of the country.

Are you planning to travel within the next months?

Would you get yourself vaccinated against COVID-19?

What can we all learn from this crisis?
Mental health is as essential as physical health.

If you could give 2020 a headline, what would it be?
Wait til you see 2021.

Mental health is as essential as physical health.