Every story is different. Every story is interesting. Tell your story – we wanna hear it!

Every story is different.Every story is interesting.Tell your story – we wanna hear it! Step 1 Download the interactive PDF with our 30 questions. Step 2 Write your answers (all in English) directly in the PDF and save it. Step 3 Send the filled out PDF to christine@together-with-distance.com. Step 4 We will check the PDF and your answers. Step 5… Read More »Every story is different. Every story is interesting. Tell your story – we wanna hear it!

Seeing a divided society due to the crisis

Unable to travel home to my family, I moved in with my girlfriend and spent most of my quarantine with her. My work was essential, so I had to do it in person. When working in a construction company, as soon as the pandemic began, I was relocated to direct the expansion of a hospital. My work intensified because I had to fill the face-to-face functions of those who were considered at risk, monitor the implementation of the new protocols, and the trip to work was stressful. There were strict traffic controls, which generated traffic jams of several hours. Read more

When you can’t believe that there are people who don’t believe in vaccines

Argentina was in a hard quarantine for almost seven months. At the beginning of the pandemic there was a lot of fear and uncertainty because little was known about the virus. The atmosphere was tense, nobody wanted to be infected. On a social level, people little by little lost their fear and are aware of respecting the minimum care in order to return to pseudo-normality. Now the progress of the vaccination gives me hope. I can’t believe there are people who don’t believe in vaccines. Read more

When you work with Corona samples and learn a lot about the virus

Due to the lockdown, I missed the final semester of my bacholer degree and the things that should have come with it, for example my graduation and my final days with my university friends. I also missed the opportunity to celebrate my grandmothers 100th birthday due to restrictions. At the start of the pandemic I moved to university online, now I am working a normal 40 hours a week in the office/ lab and if necessary I can work from home. Getting infected has always been a concern of mine, especially when I began my new job that required me to work with Corona samples. Read more

Having lost one of your best friends to Covid

Last months as much as last year and the half were very hard. Thousands of citizens lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Our government was very unprepared for a pandemic so they kind of managed the situation for the first wave, but after that, with lots of political problems between government and opposition sides, situation started to get very ugly. We still don’t have enough beds in hospitals, not enough staff. The government is doing nothing for vaccine popularisation. I know lots of people who were/are infected with Covid. In February 2021, I lost one of my bests friends to Covid. Read more

When you are scared of how the society is being split

The hardest part was the lockdown which was way too long. The fact that you couldn’t go to the gym or do any fun activity really made me loose the enjoyment of life at some point. For now we don`t need to distance much anymore. So my life is pretty much back to normal – everything is open and bigger group gatherings are allowed. We had bday parties, housewarming parties, weddings etc. But I am scared of how the society is being split and some don`t seem to notice. Read more

Doing essential service work in South Africa during the lockdown

As I am South African citizen but work in Mozambique, I regularly have to cross borders, and with that comes a lot of Covid tests for each crossing as well as organizing my trip around logistics that have to take regulations in consideration. This takes it’s toll on you and you question yourself wether it is worth all the effort. During the lockdown, I was lucky enough to do essential service work in South Africa and this allowed me to travel a bit and still see my family and friends. Read more

When you don´t know if you are going to survive this crisis

People of rural areas are not following any types of cautions. In border areas, the Indian variant/the second wave is spreading rapidly. Every single day hundreds of people are dying in these areas. Between July 1 and July 15, Bangladesh reported 2,775 Covid deaths, and 153,926 cases were record-breaking in terms of deaths within 15 days. The government has declared lockdown after lockdown since June 2020. People are being told not to go outdoors without any emergency purpose. No one was allowed to go out without a mask and had to maintain social distancing. Only hospitals are open during a lockdown. Police and volunteers are helping people in buying their goods during this time. In a picture from rural areas, I’ve seen patients lying in the corridor of a hospital. Hospital employees have thrown a patient into the trash after getting tested positive. Read more

When there is no clear roadmap on vaccination in sight

It’s a 4th wave here with Delta variant. The situation is critical and the vaccination is running very slowly with questionable vaccines less known and less researched. The death rate is high daily and there are 20,000 new cases each day. A lot of people who are infected are told to remain at home or wait for officers to pick up and a lot couldn’t wait any longer. The streets are empty. People are desperate and out of jobs. Restaurants, bars, businesses are closed either temporaly for over 5 months now or permanently. Homeless men died on the street without accessing to a hospital in time. The country fell under the cover of fear and hopelessness. Read more

Switching from being a keynote speaker in person to one via Zoom

I am a keynote speaker and travel to colleges, I also do promotional items for events. Both of those took a huge hit however I quickly transitioned to being a Zoom speaker and actually spoke to more colleges in 2020 than in all previous years combined! I always work from home, but usually on my own. Having my family home meant it was hard to find a quiet place in the house. But I have a flexible schedule so even though my work has to change a bit to help homeschool our kids, I am thankful I have the flexibility to do so. Read more

Waiting for the world to open up again

When the pandemic began, I lost my job working for a tour company as well as lost all income for my travel business. The biggest challenge for me was not being able to travel and watching the travel industry, something I have been apart of for over 7 years, collapse around me. It was quite devastating to watch and my career came to a halt. Now, most of my family members are fully vaccinated and we are waiting for the world to open up again! I have a trip planned for Mexico and if the world continues to heal, I will be going! Read more